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Top Online Poker Playing Mistakes

If you are not making money week after week playing poker online, you are making one or more of the following mistakes. With so many weak players and opportunities for you to score week to week, now is the time to identify and eliminate some mistakes from your game before they become habit.


Here is a list of the top online poker playing mistakes you could be making.


1. Flashing your hole cards does nothing in the short-term, it only feeds your opponents at the table free information.


2. Folding your blinds every time another player raises the pot before the flop.


3. Using the chat box to either try to make friends, complain about your hands, or to comment about how you keep getting bluffed off hands.


4. If an ace hits the board and you fold to any size bet, you are missing an opportunity to steal if you come back over the top.


5. Just because a player bets when a draw hits on river does not mean he has the hand, stand up once in a while and see if they fold.


6. Stop playing top no limit tables because you are one bad beat away from being broke.


7. If you are too comfortable, then you are betting in patterns and other players can easily spot your next move.


8. Learn to turn down the distractions around you. Turn off the TV, phone, and log off your social media profile while playing poker online.


9. Don't forget to ask the poker site about your deposit bonus. That free money is yours for the asking too.


So now you know what could be your weak areas, clean them up and you should start to see your fortunes take a turn for the better in the near future.